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In İstanbul, extraordinary experiences are found around every corner. Here, dervishes whirl, müezzins duel from minarets, and continents are crossed multiple times in a day. Home to millennia-old monuments and cutting-edge art galleries (sometimes in the same block), it’s a destination where eating, drinking and dancing are local priorities, and where everyone is welcome to join the party.

- Walking tours and day planners
- Maps for every neighbourhood
- Packed with expert travel tips
- 100% independent advice

Coverage Includes: QuickStart guide, Aya Sofa, Sultanahmet, Topkapi Palace, Eminonu, Grand Bazaar, The Bazzar District, Istiklal Caddesi, Beyoglu, Dolmabahce Palace, Ortakoy, The Best of Istanbul and Survival Guide.

- 3D illustrations of top sights Aya Sofya and Topkapi Palace
- Tailored itineraries perfect for short trip travellers
- ‘If You Like’ section allows travellers to discover the city by interest
- Pull-out map

  • Język angielski
  • Autor Virginia Maxwell
  • Format 106 x 153
  • Liczba stron 160
  • Oprawa Miękka
  • Wydawca Lonely Planet
  • Wydanie V, 01-02-2015

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