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It's the contrast between the distant past and the super-charged present that makes Běijīng so captivating. Traditional but ever-changing, no other city manages to be so timeless yet so contemporary. Lonely Planet will get you to the heart of Běijīng, with amazing travel experiences and the best planning advice: • Inspirational images, 3D illustrations, city walks and recommendations from our expert authors • Planning features and top itineraries to help you plan the perfect trip • Local secrets and hidden travel gems that will make your trip unique • PLUS Great Wall chapter, full-colour maps and the Historic Hútòng walking tour Coverage includes: Plan Your Trip, Neighbourhoods at a Glance, Forbidden City & Dōngchéng Central, Drum Tower & Dōngchéng North, Temple of Heaven Park & Dōngchéng South, Běihǎi Park & Xīchéng North, Dashilar & Xīchéng South, Sānlǐtún & Cháoyáng, Summer Palace & Hǎidiàn, Day Trips from Běijīng, Sleeping, Understand Běijīng and Survival Guide.

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