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Got error 28 from storage engine

			SELECT p.id_product, p.on_sale, p.out_of_stock, p.available_for_order, p.quantity, p.minimal_quantity, p.id_category_default, p.customizable, p.show_price, p.`weight`,
			p.ean13, pl.available_later, pl.description_short, pl.link_rewrite, pl.name, i.id_image, il.legend,  m.name manufacturer_name, p.condition, p.id_manufacturer,
			DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 14 DAY)) > 0 AS new
			FROM `ps_category_product` cp
			LEFT JOIN ps_category c ON (c.id_category = cp.id_category)
			LEFT JOIN `ps_product` p ON p.`id_product` = cp.`id_product`
			LEFT JOIN ps_product_lang pl ON (pl.id_product = p.id_product)
			LEFT JOIN ps_image i ON (i.id_product = p.id_product AND i.cover = 1)
			LEFT JOIN ps_image_lang il ON (i.id_image = il.id_image AND il.id_lang = 6)
			LEFT JOIN ps_manufacturer m ON (m.id_manufacturer = p.id_manufacturer)
			WHERE p.`active` = 1 AND
			c.nleft >= 328
			AND c.nright <= 329
			AND c.active = 1
			AND pl.id_lang = 6
			AND p.id_product IN (83890,86679,87539) GROUP BY p.id_product ORDER BY pl.name asc LIMIT 0,30